Pleasant Interruption

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hiro For those that had this site bookmarked
At 9:07 PM
by: Hiro

The blog found on this site (blogger) will no longer be used.

Please go to for more pleasant interruptions.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tony Unwanted/Unnecessary Opinions
At 9:52 PM
by: Tony

So I just got in from my Twentieth Century History class, and it was just terrible.

First of all, the class is about the twentieth century world to 1945, so its all the early stuff like WWW I, WWW II, how Germany became a major power, the colonization of Africa. You know easy stuff like that.
The first class was messed up, because the original room we were supposed to be in, there was no teacher, and someone at the faculty or something printed a paper and put it on the door, and it redirected the class to the engineering building, but the course code on the paper was wrong. I ended up going to the building anyways, but the classroom wasn't history at all, it was stats.
So I figured out that the teacher was teaching from a little eating area and we eventually got to go back into the room, there was about 50 or less people so it wasn't really a class.

So tonight we had the class in the original room where it was supposed to be in the first place. So the whole class was there tonight. The professor was talking about the evolution of the city state, to empires, and then nation states. He then continued to talk about how the UN was celebrating its 60th anniversary, and that the countries could not find a proper definition of what terrorism was. Big Mistake.
Suddenly hands started poking up and everyone started throwing in what they thought terrorism was, how and why terrorists are doing what they are doing, why flying airplanes into buildings, and blowing yourself up in order to kill innocent people, could all be considered acts of terrorism.
This senseless debate about modern day terrorism was like torture, because it had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CLASS AT HAND. I was getting really frustrated with people talking about how they think terrorism is this, or terrorism is that, and why terrorists do what they do. Now if it was a terrorism debate class, I would have been all over that, but because it was not, it just made me angry hearing all these useless opinions that really didn't benefit anyone in the class, if anything, it made us all stupider. When someone stuck their hand up and told the class that this was a twentieth century history class, I gave the guy an applause, even though I sadistically enjoyed listening to the useless and painful opinion of my peers, I guess enough was enough, and the guy had to put a stop to it before things got out of hand.

Other Things...

Nana's internet hasn't been working lately so he hasn't had time to post anything, and Hiro...Well Hiro just vanished off the face of the earth. So I guess I'm going to have to keep you distracted for the time being with useless rants (like the one above), or whatever else I deem interesting. (I am now the dictator of P.I...until someone else posts of course.)

It was my birthday on Tuesday the 13th, I'm 20 and for some reason...Everything feels eerily the same. I also have great friends that bought me a birthday cake, thanks Mark, Phil, Tim, and Al, special mention to Arjun, Pat, Nana and Mike.

Nana went with Mark and Kate to Peterborough to see "The Stills" till Sunday, so for now, Its all drugs, sex, and alcohol at the apartment! (I'm joking). Actually its really boring around here, living alone sucks, I don't know how some people can do it without developing some kind of mental illness.

Just a warning to all those planning to commit crimes in the Miami area...The Shaq Attack is Back! Shaq is awesome.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tony Homecoming & GREEN Fu*$#@ DAY!!!1!!1!!!!!
At 3:15 AM
by: Tony

Good Riddance....

It was an awesome weekend which in a sense, culminated with the Green Day concert. So lets recap how events came about. It's kinda' long, but what can you do....but read it.


I got in Saturday morning, tired, disoriented, and disillusioned, also on top of that I was a little sad that summer was winding down. So anyways, after being repatriated back into the apartment, Nana and I went out on a little excursion to some random places and then to the beer store, the most important stop. This wasn't any ordinary stop to the beer store, because when I showed the guy behind the counter my ID, he said "
Belleville! Home of the Belleville Bulls...And the Intelligencer", It was a little unexpected, but it was awesome that he knew where I was from...Made me feel good for about a few seconds or so, until I ordered my beer (A twelver of Red Cap), they were all sold out...Saddest moment ever. It took me a good several minutes to compensate with a twelver of Bohemian (13.50, Cheap Beer is the best beer). The guy was cool though, when he was talking to Nana, he asked if he went to Nicholson, upon saying yes, the guy immediately asked if he knew Mr. Burchat, and that he spoke in his economics and computer classes a while back. It was awesome.
Later that night we ended up going to Arjun and Mark's place which is about a 25-35ish minute walk. It was good seeing the ol' gang again, after a highly uneventful, and isolated summer, and to celebrate, there was some good drinking and poker. Good thing I haven't played
Texas hold'em for the longest time, because I ended up losing first, and even with some strong hands, I didn't win ONE pot. Terrible.
After the evening ended, while Nana and I were walking back down Chapel St. to get home, we were about half way, when Nana needed to tie up his shoes, so I sat down on the curb and checked out the night sky, it was awesome because the clouds were low, and the light pollution lit them up, and beyond them was an awesome starry night sky(I was still a little drunk...Give me a break). Suddenly we were both distracted by this car screeching around the corner onto the street, I got up from sitting, because I wasn't ready to get hit by a car and die just yet. Nana was still tying his shoes and I was standing up looking right at the car, when they drove really close to this white escort parked at the side of the street, on the other side from where we were standing, a little bit further up the street. I thought they were drunk driving, when they got really close, and all we heard was a loud "CRASH". They quickly drove off while I was still watching, and when they drove by, the driver causally says: "Hey Bud". Then they sped through a stop sign and out of sight. When we went by the car the back window was smashed out. It was a weird evening.
It was a white car BTW, but I didn't catch the make or plates...It was a little blurry.


It was a momentous occasion, a good friend of from Belleville, Mike (or as Mark called him: Metallica Mike) was coming up to Ottawa for the concert, so I headed to Arjun's around noon to catch the bus to the train station so that we could meet him. On my way to Mark and Arjun's, I went by that car again, and it's window was still smashed. Arjun and I went to get Mike from the train station.
After we got back, we all eventually went out with Mark to Wall-Mart at South Keys, and ate at a very unsanitary McDonald's, the food wasn't as good as it should have been, just because it was just do damned dirty.
Later we all got together and went to Phil's place (AKA the Portuguese Man of War from Canada Day), and had an awesome BBQ. Later Mark, Nana, and Phil eventually went to Kate's to pre-drink and go out to the club (they went to 10 clubs that night). Arjun, Mike and I went back to Arjun's place, and had a Green Day jam secession to prepare for the big day.


It was the big day we've been waiting for all summer, I had to go into school to pay some fees for the DDR club, ran into Nana, Mark and Phil while I was there, it was kinda random.
Anyways later on I met up with Mike and Arjun at the Mall, and we enjoyed a feast of Burger King. We then went back to Arjun's to drink, and we watched some older live Green Day concerts (
Woodstock 94 was one)to get us prepped for the awesome to come.
We were the basically the first ones on the bus to head to the Corel Center, and it was somewhat of a quiet ride for us, with the occasional joke, but we noticed that a lot of people getting on the bus were francophones, and only a few anglophones.
When we got there it was crazy, it didn't take us long to get in, nor did it take long to see some familiar faces. Mike went to buy some beer, and he didn't bring his Drivers license, but he had his health card, so it should have been sufficient enough to get a drink, but the guy at the counter told him off, and said to get some "Real ID" then come back. Mike came back slightly shocked, and we stood for a little bit, all a little puzzled and angry, talking about why he wouldn't take a REAL provincial photo ID. But then the guy let him have it anyways. Let me tell you, beer at the
Corel Center is damn expensive, 6 bucks for one bottle.
We got on the floor and made our way to the front, and Jimmy Eat World came on and played a quick, but great set. I'm somewhat of a fan, but the scales tipped towards Green Day.
When they came on stage, it was just beyond amazing. There were the guys that I saw at the MTV Video Awards! We got to get pretty close to the front, close enough to get a good view of the entire band. They started with some songs from their latest album like "American Idiot", and "Jesus of Suburbia", but as they progressed, they pulled out some amazing songs off their older albums, such as "King for a Day", "Chump", but when they played "She", the three of us were euphoric. They even played "Shout" by the Isley Brothers, and in between they played "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King, I was really impressed when they played it, cause it showed their versatility, and appreciation for the older hits. For some reason I also knew right off the bat when they played the songs. It made me one happy person. They had amazing rapport with the crowd, and they also kept the crowd amped from start to finish. One memorable part was when they asked three random people from the crowd to come on to the stage and play the instruments, one drummer was kicked off for not having the right beat, but they eventually found a replacement. The kids played a song off their first album (1039/Smoothed out Slappy Hours). The guitarist got to keep the guitar, and I think the bassist did as well, the drummer got some drum sticks, and Billy Joe got him to do a stage dive. It was one of the highlights of the evening. They eventually ended the show with "Time of your Life" which was awesome.
I was sad when the show ended, but I guess it was good that we left, because I was pretty close to being a Deaf-Mute, and my legs were about to fall off.
On the bus ride home, we sat at the back of the bus with the exact same people that were sitting across from us on the ride there, and there was this...I'm sorry to say, dumb blonde chick yapping away, and this guy making random comments, and pulling lines from "The Dave Chappell Show", and "Anchorman".
When we got back to Arjun's place, we continued the festivities by playing some of their songs that they didn't play, we also continued drinking. When Nana, Mark, and Kate came back (They went to the frosh week concert and saw "Metric", "The Stills" and a bunch of other bands.) They had an awesome time at their concert, where they actually hung out with the band, I am secretly jealous, because Metric and The Stills are awesome, and it would have been amazing if we got to actually hang out with Green Day....sigh.


So we ended up staying over at Mark and Arjun's that night, and in the morning we sat around for a bit and talked. At around quarter to noon, we decided to go out for breakfast, but ended up going to Tim Hortons because Mike's train left at 12:25. So when we ordered at Timmy Ho's the lady actually skipped making Mike's BLT, and gave it to him 10 minutes later. We were pretty pissed. Anyways, we rushed to the bus stop, jumped on the bus that took us to the station.
It was pretty intense, and it felt like something out of "The Amazing Race", when we got out of the bus we ran up the stairs and right into the station, the man at the gate opened it up, he rushed through and barely made it on. It was an awesome send off though; its too bad he couldn't stick around though. We ended up eating our food at the station, and then we left for the home.

I wish I had a digital camera, I could have had pictures for you all, but I don't, unless your willing to donate some money for me, you know, so that I can document my activities for your viewing pleasure, because with me its all about the know it.

I am proud that I kept cussing to a nil on this entry...Its quite a feat considering the magnitude of the situation.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nana The Most Improbable of Probable Outcomes
At 2:55 PM
by: Nana

So this weekend was pretty awesome for me. On Saturday I went out for a swim at my friend's (Mark and Arjun's) place, and got drunk afterwards with the guys. On Sunday I went out on a massive pub crawl to 10 different bars (the only criteria: no cover charge). And on Monday, I partied backstage with Metric and The Stills at the University of Ottawa frosh week concert.

Yeah, you read that properly. I partied with Metric and The Stills.

The concert was being held at Confederation Park (at Elgin and Laurier, if you live in Ottawa. If you don't, it doesn't really matter) I went with Mark Wilson and his lovely girlfriend, Kate. As usual, I was late, so I met up with them at 3:45 instead of 3:30. We then lined up for the concert which was supposed to begin at 3 pm but actually started at 5. Upon entering the Park, we bought some food to support charity and met up with some friends. With our food in hand, we sat down on the lawn and waited for the other bands to finish their sets so we could see The Stills. There were five bands playing at the concert, but we only came for The Stills and Metric; the other bands were pretty good but nothing I'd listen to normally

After The Stills played their awesome set (their first time playing live in 9 months, which included new and awesome material), Metric came on stage. You could feel the energy in the crowd, with ended with their amazing song "Dead Disco." The Stills of course played "Love and Death", "Lola Stars and Stripes", and "The Still in Love Song", but they also played new songs like the brilliant "The Mountain," and the sad "She's Walking Out." Metric's new material blew me away. They still have the same power and rhythm behind their music, but it's more raw (if that's possible). Emily Haines tapped right into the crowd's energy and gave us an unforgettable show. If you've never seen Metric live, I urge you to. Their show is so awesome that it's hard for me to explain it properly here (and believe me, I tried).

When Metric finished their set, Mark, Kate, and I leaned against this fence near the "backstage" tents. We saw Emily go into Metric's van and called her over to talk. After getting my philosophy book signed (Mark got his shoes signed, and Kate got her ticket signed), Emily said "Why are all the cool people on this side of the fence?" and helped us over. It was such a surreal experience, but we were "in."

We made our way to The Stills' tent, and struck up a conversation with The Stills and Metric. Apparently both bands are close friends and try and see each other whenever they can. I complimented Oliver from The Stills on his amazing bass playing on "The Still in Love Song" and Liam (the new keyboarder for the band) and I discussed several interesting points from Russell's "The Problems of Philosophy."

The headliner for the show were this band called "Les Cowboys Fringants." I've never heard of them, but they're really popular in Quebec. By the time that the Cowboys got to their final song, we all decided to run onto the stage and dance to their last song. This was probably the craziest thing that has happened to me EVER. Mark, Kate, and the other Kate, and I ran up onto the stage while some crazy French-Canadian rock band was playing their hit song to their crowd, and danced with Metric and The Stills.

So much more happened on that night, but I don't feel like writing about it and its still kind of hard to believe that it happened. I'm not really star struck or anything, but things just moved so fast. Even now I'm listening to The Stills' album and thinking "I was talking to Tim (the lead singer) about beer and other random stuff yesterday."

Even though she won't be reading this, I'd like to thank Emily for making all of this possible. She receives this week's award for rawkingest person. I hope to share a beer with her and the rest of Metric again. I'll be seeing The Stills (with Jason Collett) again in Peterborough in about a week.

Metric's new album is coming out at the end of this month, and The Stills' album should be out by February of '06. I urge you to check out both of these bands' music. They're good artists, as well as really good people.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Nana Written While Eating an Apple Early In The Morning
At 4:23 AM
by: Nana

So the news, eh. It never stops. I've never seen reruns of the news before on the television.

Anyway, the reason I'm talking to you this time is to draw your attention to Wonkette. If you're a web jockey like me then you already know about the American (and mostly Washington oriented) news aggregator that goes by the aforementioned monicker. I won't guarantee that you'll be happy with the site, but there's just so much good coverage of American politics coming from that site that it's worth taking a look at even once.

If only they had one of these for Canadian politics...

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hiro A New Home, A New Term
At 9:02 PM
by: Hiro

Yesterday, just a day after arriving back in Canada, I moved back to Waterloo where I've settled into my new place. This time it's an apartment...not quite as cozy as my old house but my room here is almost twice as big as my last one so I can't complain. I'll miss having the old family(Dave, Mariano, Mike, Tony) though, but I'll be living with them(minus Mariano since he's a don) again in 4 months so I guess I'll look at it as a break so I can better appreciate how fun it is to live with them.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of one of the busiest weeks of my life. I'm going to be a frosh leader for both engineering frosh and village frosh. In other words, I will get 2 hours of sleep every night. Last year it felt insanely busy doing just engineering frosh leading so I can only imagine what it will be like with twice the workload. To top things off I'll be staffing the big football game at the end of frosh week next Saturday. You may think I'm crazy, but this is only the beginning of a busy, busy term. I'm pumped.

I'm hoping that over the next few weeks I'll be able to revisit my tour of Europe so I can share with you some of the stories and also use it as a means for myself to remember what exactly happened over those 2 crazy weeks so stay tuned for that.

I'm also working on reworking Pleasant Interruption. Technically speaking I'm gonna put it on its own server and moving away from the Blogger system.

Tony More Hurricane stuff...
At 3:05 PM
by: Tony

A very interesting article concerning natural disaster funds in the United States, and is most likely why the hurricane help right now is VERY SLOW.

I recommend anyone who is remotely interested in the hurricane news to read this article. It's kind of a shock, but not really surprising.

Apparently killing people in other countries is more important then saving people at home.

Tony Beyond the end
At 1:47 AM
by: Tony

Woo, so summers gone eh?! That was fast.

Summer has been quite interesting with work, and some senseless evenings out and about doing random things. Random is awesome. Besides that, it has also been one of the most boring summers...Ever.

I'm done work finally I guess that's a good thing, working at a thrift store isn't as glam as it's all cracked up to be...I have the scars and vintage t-shirts to prove it.

other things...

- Well because Nana does an awesome job with his band recommendations, I'm going recommend music, but on a much smaller scale, like what I am going to do right...Now!
Ok people...You should all try and get some Morrissey, his most recent album "You are the Quarry" is amazing, with some solid hits like "Irish Blood, English Heart", and "First of the Gang to die". So check it out if your interested...If not, completely disregard this section.

- The hurricane coverage has been quite overwhelming, but it is needed to bring attention, and let people see that these people need help, not tomorrow, but now. For some reason they aren't getting enough, there is just too many reckless gangs out and about, looting, and not helping the situation, only making it worse.
I guess the only good thing about this disaster is that it takes everyone's mind off IRAQ! Woah! We're still there?!?! Iraq is a P.R.'s own personal hell, but the storm was a God send, in more ways then one. While on this topic of other news filtering through on top of 24/7 hurricane coverage, the good ol' Al Qaida gang released a video saying exactly why they are attacking the British and US. Not because they want to take their freedoms and moral values away...NO WAY?! Its because of their policy towards many Middle Eastern countries, and their invasion of Iraq! Wow, clearly didn't see that one coming. If you don't believe me then here is the article, I had to look around to find it behind all the hurricane coverage, but it was more prominent at the BBC then with CNN. At CNN. And the BBC. The invasion just added towards the problem, and the Arab population in the Middle East are taking as a direct attack against the people, especially Muslims, are taking action. I don't sympathize with the extremists or anything, so don't get me wrong, nor do I support their actions. But itsn't it common sense to attack those who attack you? You can't just have a war on one front (In this case Iraq), and not expect to have it hit back at home right (IE. 9/11, and 7/7)? Its kind of obvious that war is never one sided, and that eventually, those people will find a way to return the favor. Unfortunately people conveniently forget why these enemies attack in the first place, and the cycle continues.

So anyways, back to the hurricane, It's really sad to see all of this happening and like Nana posted before me, Please help out any way you can, a donation through the Red Cross would most likely be the most beneficial at this moment, till other major charities start opening up.
A few days ago, I was watching CNN, and an American who lived in an area away from the disaster area, began saying why other Americans should not have to pay more taxes to help out with the rebuilding and humanitarian effort for the disaster zone, because its THEIR fault they chose to live in a high risk area. This wasn't the only sent in e-mail faulting the people, and saying that they shouldn't be helped, there were quite a few more. Now I don't know about you, but with a country that stresses all this Americanism/Patriotism...blah, blah, blah. To have people like this in their own country, not willing to help out, because it was their fault for living in High risk areas...Just pathetic, some of these people don't have the means to even go far because a lot of them can not afford to move else where due to lack of jobs or even a proper education, so many people are basically stuck. Even though others are there by choice, It isn't a time to talk about tax dollars, and who's to blame. Why are the same people willing to spend billions of dollars each year to help out Iraqis, yet are so stuck playing the blame game, that they are unwilling to help their own country folk in times of great need? Shit happens, and we all need to band together, no matter which flag or religion you reside under, because in the end, we are all just...Human.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nana Wake Me Up When September Begins
At 3:18 PM
by: Nana

It's September, which means that it's time to get back into the school mentality. Readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic will abound, I am sure.

This is the first year taht I've been prepared for school before it has started. I think that's a good omen.

I hope everyone has a good year, and if you aren't in school then enjoy whatever else you're doing.